die cutting machine

2022-03-08 14:23

Circular die cutting machine

A drum is equivalent to an embossing drum, which applies pressure during die-cutting; The other is the drum cutter die. There are two kinds of drum knife molds: wood and metal. The former mainly cuts thick corrugated board, while the latter has metal drum knife molds processed by chemical corrosion or electronic engraving, which are mainly used for die cutting of self-adhesive labels and trademarks. There is also a metal drum knife mold, which is mainly used for medium and high-grade long-term products, in the form of press cutting or shearing.

Circular flattening die cutting machine

Circular flattening die-cutting machine is rarely used in the market. There is no professional manufacturer in China, so I won't repeat it here.

Flat die cutting machine

Flat pressing and die cutting machine is the most widely used type at present, and it is also the model with the most manufacturers at home and abroad. Domestic manufacturers include Shanghai Yahua, Tangshan Yuyin, Xinchuan machinery, beiren group, Henan Xinji group, Beijing Shengli Weiye Printing Machinery Co., Ltd; Foreign manufacturers include Switzerland Bobst, Germany img, Japan Asahi, American standard carton machinery company, Spain IBERICA, South Korea youngshin Machinery Co., Ltd., Japan Iijima and so on. The flat press die-cutting machine can be used for various types of die-cutting. It can not only manually continue paper, semi-automatic die-cutting, but also fully automatic high-speed linkage die-cutting; It can not only die cut corrugated board, cardboard and self-adhesive, but also die cut rubber, sponge, metal plate, etc.

Vertical flat die-cutting machine, commonly known as tiger mouth, is named for its bite action similar to the mouth when working and its unsafe and easy to hurt people. In any case, it vividly illustrates the working characteristics of the vertical flat pressing die-cutting machine. The vertical flat die-cutting machine is mainly divided into two parts: the body and the press frame. The die-cutting platform is installed on the body. According to its action mode, there are two types: single pendulum and double pendulum. The so-called single pendulum type refers to that during die cutting, the pressing frame swings, the body does not move (i.e. the plate table does not move), the plate table contacts the lower part of the pressing frame first, the upper part then contacts, and the upper part leaves first and the lower part then leaves at the end of die cutting. In this way, the stress time is different and the stress is uneven. Therefore, it is used less and less, and it is gradually eliminated. Double pendulum refers to that during die cutting, both the machine body and the press frame act. Before contact, the press frame, lithography and plate table are parallel, and the contact form between them is parallel movement, so the pressure is large and uniform. Most of the vertical flat pressing and die-cutting machines produced belong to this type. According to the degree of automation, the vertical flat die-cutting machine can be divided into two types: semi-automatic and full-automatic. At present, the vertical flat die-cutting machine (tiger mouth) produced in China is mainly semi-automatic, die-cutting is completed by machine, and paper feeding and receiving are completed manually. Because the production quality and efficiency are related to the proficiency of operators and are prone to safety accidents, the United States and other developed countries have explicitly banned the use of this equipment.

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